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When you know you need a trusted strategic and consultative recruitment team, Bamboo Consulting is your right choice.

Let us introduce you to Bamboo Style Recruitment.

Many businesses don’t realise there are different types of sales recruiters, even though it seems at first glance like we all do the same things. Bamboo Consulting has a reputation for doing a few things extremely well that set us apart from the pack. How and why we’d like for you to choose us is this. If you have the need for a trusted consultative relationship rather than a transactional recruiter, then Bamboo Consulting might be best for you.

Meet Stuart Russell

Stuart is an ‘A’ Game sales strategist, mentor and recruiter, who across his career has interviewed over 25,000 sales professionals across Europe and APAC. This enables him to qualify sales professionals in a different way to sales recruiters who focus on their candidates sales outcomes as opposed to the ‘How’.

Most high tech businesses today need a very specialised and focused team to accomplish their goals, especially in a niche market where there are limited prospects and big ticket sales. Hire one wrong person and you could lose the sale that makes or breaks the business for the year! Our Sales Navigation Training assures our clients the best results always!

I’ve built out winning teams because of Bamboo’s guidance, planning and finally placement of some of the best sales, technical and consulting personnel I have ever worked with. Their ongoing support and attention to my business is unparalleled. 

Chris Russell Managing Director, Tealium
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You could be thinking you’re not interested, ready or even open to a new role right now, but guess what, most of the candidates we place with our clients said the same thing. So what does this mean to you? What it means is while our A game candidates aren’t usually looking, they are most definitely opportunists. Connect with us, an opportunity explored is never one missed.

Bamboo Consulting Job Board

Bamboo Consulting is a boutique size, recruiting, consulting firm that specialises in training and recruiting technical salespeople with a flair for winning. We post new jobs each week. If you’d like to receive a message each time we post, please register to receive all new listings.

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Ensure your sales recruiting success, become a client with Bamboo Consulting

Our clients are high tech businesses in Cyber Security, Marketing SaaS & Consulting. In these industries we are highly regarded and have a long track record of success. If you want to ensure you have the right people mix for your specific product or prospects, please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and how are systems can benefit you in growing your team, sales and successes.

Calling all candidates

Calling Right Candidates!

If you’re hunting unicorns, you’ve come to the right place. We aren’t the unicorn, we’re the unicorn whisperer. We’d love to hear why you’re passionate about working for a Unicorn, and why it’s the right, next step in your career. The most important thing for you to know about unicorns is that they never trot, they gallop towards rapid growth and you have to be prepared for that.