The Client




Port Stephens

The Challenge

Inzant reached out to Stuart because they wanted to begin a proactive approach to sales growth.

Up until that time they had purely relied on inbound leads and referrals. They had no previous experience of hiring, managing or growing sales teams in the business; or how the adoption of this strategy could operationally affect their other divisions.

Stuart was engaged to build the right sales strategy and from this hire the right fit of sales person.

The Approach

Upon completing a detailed analysis of the current business Stuart decided they first needed to focus on sustainability instead of scalability. The other divisions of the business required more robust processes and frameworks so that the strong client experience (Which is what they are best known for) didn’t decline due to delivery fatigue when put under the pressure of sales growth.

Once Customer Support, Customer Success and Client Onboarding Protocol were redefined and operationally more effective; a sales strategy was created and deployed as well as a strong sales hire onboarded.

The Solution

Processes were re-engineered, followed by training to increase effectiveness but also in a shorter amount of time. The customer journey was broken down into its procedural level so that we now knew utilisation data that we could extrapolate to scale and build out a resource¬† plan that would meet the growth goals. Using our “Sales Navigation System” we then defined what the correct level of sales sophistication, cadence and communication that was required to execute the sales plan effectively before we went to market for a sales hire.

The Experience

Through focusing on building a sustainable business first, Inzant were able to increase their client onboarding rate by 19% without any investment into additional resources. Their time to complete customer support tickets decreased by 23% and they successfully managed a price increase with a 92% client agreement rate.

Adoption of the new sales strategy has grown (MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue) by 40% within 6 months.

What Inzant Had To Say:

The effect on our revenue growth by engaging Stuart has been nothing less than phenomenal.

Neville Kripp CEO of Inzant