The Client





The Challenge

Veeam is a global SaaS organisation and has grown incredibly quickly in ANZ from 30 to nearly 150 staff in 5 years. Their early stage business milestones were predominantly aligned to signing new logos and top line revenue growth. Whilst their Channel for Enterprise sales continued to develop, their strategy was to grow a very strong internal sales function to grow sales revenue quickly and effectively.

Their challenge was they required multiple niche internal sales hires in a market that was highly competitive – and they needed them yesterday!

The Approach

After meeting the Regional Inside Sales Manager, they established that the ideal behavioural traits and skill could be transitioned across from other industries. Bamboo Consulting developed an agreed talent strategy which could widen the talent funnel and provide the business the opportunity to engage previously untapped candidate pools. A highly organised and planned project schedule was created to ascertain the appropriate cadence required, and ensure the required number of sales hires were onboarded on time for the business to meet its quarterly sales targets.

The Solution

Veeam engaged Bamboo to find SIX Niche, and Urgent inside sales hires. Through developing a new talent ecosystem via our Sales Navigation System we were able to provide multiple high calibre sales people who possessed the required level of sales acumen, communication and cadence. Veeam agreed to this strategy but also continued their own internal search in tandem to compare with in-market candidates.

The Experience

Veeam proceeded to hire 5 out of the 6 open headcount from Bamboo Consulting over the inmarket candidates.

Over the forthcoming 12 months 4 out of the 5 hires were promoted and 2 were recognised globally at Presidents Club Awards for sales performance against Quota.

What Veeam Had To Say:

When you look under the hood with Stu you’ll see whilst his style is to make “suggestions” it’s based on GREAT INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, SYSTEMS AND AN ABILITY TO MATCH CANDIDATES WITH ROLES THAT I’M YET TO SEE EQUALED. 
Jimmy Fallstrom Regional Internal Sales Manager