Our Story

When I looked back across my sports career, what I found was that we used teamwork, discipline and a playbook to win games and championships. Now with my recruiting clients I strive to build a team with them so our communication is quick and efficient, our drive to reach the outcomes is inline and by incorporating our recruitment strategies and sales navigation system, we win the right candidates and progress our clients business to success.

Stuart Russell

How and why you would choose Bamboo Consulting over other recruitment firms?

We tell new clients, if you have the need for a trusted, strategic and consultative team, rather than a transactional recruitment relationship then Bamboo Consulting is the right choice for you.

Bamboo Consulting has a reputation for doing a few things extremely well that set us apart from the pack.

Many businesses don’t realise there are different types of sales recruiters, even though it seems at first glance like we all do the same things.

Probably one of the most unique elements of Bamboo Consulting is that fact we have a unique recruitment, analysis and training system we call Sales Navigation.

When you combine our proprietary Sales Navigation System with over 20 years of experience in finding our clients the right people consistently, you understand why we are highly requested and maintain long-term, exclusive relationships with with some of the top tech businesses.

Find the right candidates at the right time

In a fast paced technology market, you cannot afford to wait and hope you can find the right person at the right time, you need to know with certainty you can find a single person or build a whole team. For Bamboo Consulting, finding the right people isn’t a once-in-a-while scenario, it’s a sound system and a well honed skillset that lets us fulfil your roles with a success rate that is twice as high as the industry standard.