Timed Hire Recruitment

Timed Hire Recruitment is definitely not just putting dates into a calendar by which you need to get someone hired. It is a sophisticated method by which we work with the sales manager to navigate the changes of a growing and evolving sales team from hire to hire. Bamboo Consulting has learned how to integrate all the moving parts of this type of recruitment. Our clients can now hire who they want, when they want, by design not chance.

'A' Gamer

How many times have Sales Managers commented “If I had a multiple of ‘X person’ I’d be a Millionaire!” We asked ourselves can this be approached diagnostically? The answer is ‘YES’. We’ve interviewed, screened and tested over 25,000 sales people to build a system that creates a measurable outcome for ANY sales team on what contributes an ‘A’ GAME hire SPECIFICALLY for your business.

Niche Market Hire

The #1 Challenge that is accountable for organisations not meeting their Region plan for Australia/New Zealand is a lack of talent access. With such shallow talent pools and high market demand, this creates great pressure on internal resources to successfully convert candidates that are approached over 10 times a week with a similar recruiting message. The magic of desire rarely sits at the level of a ‘JD’. It’s here that Bamboo Consulting sets itself apart and can deliver to a highly specialised recruiting project.

Multiple Hires

If only if it was as easy as sticking to the same process and repeating it multiple times to meet your team hiring requirements. Results prove that over 40% of businesses fail to meet their hiring deadlines for creating new teams because the results decline with each repetition of the same process… It becomes the definition of insanity! We apply a multi-channel approach of over 10 different sources and methods to identify, engage and qualify talent which significantly de-risks programmatic type recruitment engagements where we’ve built entire high performing teams.

Board Level CXO

There is significant research and analysis to prove that businesses who lack ‘Executive Level Planning and Leadership’ are far less likely to achieve their goals. At Bamboo Consulting we have a network including many of the top performing CXO’s in Australia that are open to engagements either as a Mentor, Advisory Board Member or Full Time CX Level role. We’ve specifically focused on ‘growth focused’ Senior Execs who have built, grown and successfully sold businesses over $100 Million+.

Urgent Hire

Unfortunately Managers will have those days when a key sales or delivery staff member posts their resignation and you can’t help but reflect on how hard it was and long it took to find them in the first place! It leaves you in the situation where you know you not only have to have the role filled by the time their notice period ends because it will negatively impact the business, but ideally before they leave so there’s a smooth hand over. Our Urgent Hire, is process driven and geared to deliver your qualified shortlist within 72 hours of the initial briefing and your new hire within 5 working days.