Our Sales Navigation Training assures our clients the best results, always!

Transforming Sales Performance – Team Training

Sales training is usually done very wrong. Many will use personality testing and other devices which are effective for telling you whose on your team, but they aren’t usually effective in changing the results you need.

Bamboo Consulting uses our ‘Navigating The Sales Journey’ system and our ‘Sales Compass’ to provide our clients with an easy to implement and easy to measure system.

We can tell in a few short hours of analysis of the team and tools, what needs to be fixed. The best part is we don’t ask you to throw away all you’re doing and start over. You know what you are doing, we know how to tweak your plan and tools for greater success.

We also teach your sales managers how to use the system so they can continue to measure it themselves to create deeper sales team effectiveness as it grows. This system is what we have used to bring ‘C’ Level players to becoming some of the best players on the team.

The improvement in our sales performance is phenomenal. I only wish I was introduced to Stuart 5 years ago!

Neville Kripp Managing Director, INZANT